The King of the World

Today’s church sermon was by guest pastor David Guzik. He spoke from Matthew 27 about Pontius Pilate, who was the judge and ruler during the Roman Empire. In verse 11, it covers the second account of when Jesus stood before Pilate, the Roman governor. Pilate sarcastically asked Jesus, “if He was the King of the… Continue reading The King of the World

Media 101 Week 15

Yes, this Friday is the last day of classes, which means next week is final exams for students. This week’s Media 101 class is also covering how mass media affects the world globally. We discussed how the digital divide hinders the ability to communicate to everyone. We reviewed how foreign authoritative government’s often control their… Continue reading Media 101 Week 15

Our Amazing Planet Earth

Yesterday was Earth Day and some people plant trees in honor of our beloved planet. I think it is amazing how God created our solar system and the thousands of stars and heavens within the Milky Way. Each planet has its purpose and is unique unto itself, as none are the same. Even more amazing… Continue reading Our Amazing Planet Earth

Flatten The Curve!

Spring has arrived and it snowed today. Life seems like everything is backwards lately. Our world isn’t flat. However, government leaders want us to flatten the curve, but they don’t want to shut the country’s economy down. People are very sick, thousands jobless, and more will become homeless. Our government knew about the coronavirus back… Continue reading Flatten The Curve!

Light of the World

Happy Birthday Jesus! Our Christmas Eve service dwelled on that even when things are dark, there is always light. Jesus is that light, which equals hope. Without any hope no one can succeed. God sent His son Jesus to save us. Jesus hung on the cross to take our sins away. God forgives us, when… Continue reading Light of the World

Radiate God’s Light

Who is the sunshine of your life? Most will reply answering their other half or their children. Some might say a sibling or grandparent. It will depend on their stage of life and current situation. Do you know there is another source of light, meaning God? The Bible states in John 8:12 Again Jesus spoke… Continue reading Radiate God’s Light