NRA Target Training

Did you just recently purchase a firearm, but need to complete the NRA Basic Pistol Course? Are you new to shooting and not sure where to start? Or want to refresh your plinking skills on the basics of hitting the target the first time?

As of June 20, 2021, I am a NRA Assistant Instructor for the Basics of Pistol Shooting. Currently, I am working towards completing my full certification with Phil Scarano, who is a NRA Certified Counselor and Instructor. I was raised by my parents to respect firearms and enjoy teaching others to do the same. I am a local College Professor by trade, who happens to also be skilled in the the ability to teach the NRA Basics Pistol Course.

I look forward to help training you on the NRA safety rules and the fundamentals of firearms. Let us, instruct you to learn the proper technique of handling a firearm and show you how to correctly aim to never miss the target! A NRA Basic Pistol Certificate is awarded after upon completion of the course, which includes successfully hitting the target several times on the firing range.

Please feel free to contact us for upcoming NRA courses at a local range.

Phil Scarano – Chief Instructor

Sandra Wisor – Assistant Instructor