Nascar Daytona 500 Race

Today, was the famous NASCAR Daytona 500. It amazes me how many fans are in the stands who watch drivers race around and around the same track going over 200 mph for 500 miles.

The driver’s goal is to outwit the other drivers to the finish line. It takes lots of practice and expertise to navigate to the front of the pack and choose the right line to be in. In most races, there are usually lots of spills and thrills of cars accidentally tapping another car, or crashing into each other, or hitting the cement wall.

In this year’s starting race I was so amazed at how the winning driver Austin Dillion gave thanks to God for the win. My question to you is, “Who do you race for?” God is always watching over us. Be sure to give God the glory, honor, and praise as you run your race.

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