The Girls Who Went Away

Here is a really interesting book called, ‘The Girls Who Went Away’ by author Anne Fessler based on the women she interviewed to share their illegitimate pregnancy story. Many of them were not permitted to talk about their circumstances back then, but later on these women over time eventually found their own voice to raise awareness for health education classes in schools.

Hidden History shows many of yesteryear’s children were often surrendered by teenage mothers by placing their baby for adoption for decades before Roe vs Wade. The timeframe for this occurred after WWII until the early 1970’s. Single teenage mothers were often shipped away to a home for unwed mother’s, so not to bring shame or guilt her family. Basically, the stigma of ‘bad’ behavior was often quickly ‘swept under the rug’ by the parents.

Children back then were also raised never to questioned parent’s rules. A teenage girl like many others weren’t not given a choice, as it was made for them. Sadly, these young girls had no option, but to obey their parent’s decision to place their baby for adoption or risk face not being able to return home afterwards.

Luckily, today’s adoption now have the option to be filed open instead of closed, so a line of communication can be established between with both the biological parents and the adoptee’s new family.

Here are two video trailers about adoption:

The Girl Like Her video

The Girls Who Went Away by Ann Fessler


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