Where is God?

The rejection of Christ existed years ago in the Book of Psalms, but it is still very prevalent today. How can we reach others for Christ, especially when people’s walls are up and their hearts are harden. The world tells us we need this or that, but in retrospect all we truly need is Jesus.

Just like David in Psalm 42, 43, & 44, there will be times when we will face and suffer rejection to where we question, “Where God is?” Once we realize there is no choice, but God, it is only then will we learn to trust God and follow Him.

Know that God hears your prayers. For God’s favor is upon you through His light, even when our enemies are encamped around us or within us we can overcome our troubled situation.

Our suffering is only a battle scar for the glory of God. We must not be dismayed, but remain loyal to God no matter what comes our way. We need to allow God’s Holy Word to direct your response and accept God that His plan is best.

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