Revelations 9

The Bible often mentions stars which usually represents angels and massagers. In Chapter 9, it talks of a different star, the fallen one who is Satan. We know God is in control and has the power and authority over the enemy. Nothing will prosper over you.

All that matters is that your name is in Lambs Book of Life. Our prayers can destroy our enemies. We need to full armor of God daily to stay protected from harms way. We need to reflect peace to others. We need to be strong in Lord, for Jesus goes before us. We belong to Jesus!

Chapter 9 mentions the Abyss, which are locked up fallen angels. We must remain in Jesus to overcome the darkness of this world. Those who do not turn to Jesus will not be in heaven. Don’t avoid God when He is knocking on your heart. Receive Jesus today, for He wants to set you free!

We need to stand strong in our faith to avoid the devil’s schemes. God only gives power to those who are sealed with salvation. The Bible is truth! We may question where God is, but we must remember God will remove whatever Is necessary to accomplish His goals. We need to trust God!

Calvary Chapel of the Hudson Valley Service

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