Revelation 10

In Chapter 10 God shares to John about another mighty angel and when the seventh Angel trumpet sounds there will be no more time to depend. Angels are sent by God and they’re there to be our guardian and to protect us. The angel is clothed with the clouds, a head like a rainbow, and face like the sun. His voice is like a roar of a lion, The godly vast angel is carrying an open scroll.

God is light and the Lamb of God. We need to look to Jesus, as He will never fail you. We need to consume the Bible and share the love of Christ with others before He returns to reclaims His church. Wherever you go God is there, nothing is too big for Him. No one knows the time of Christ’s return, so be ready. God is in control and has all authority over earth and heaven. Sometimes we may not understand things, but when we goto heaven everything will be revealed.

Verse 7 stood out to me, as we learned that Christ lives forever more. 2 Peter 3:10 Paul also states our Lord and Savior is coming again. Are you ignoring God or fully acknowledging Jesus? Who are you living for the world or Jesus? Share Jesus, so all will know. Don’t hide the word of God. Let God’s light shine forever!

Calvary Chapel Service Video

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