The God of All Comfort

The past year has been extremely hard for some people, especially when you hear that their beloved one has died. I find myself questioning, ‘Why them?” Because I have experienced grief before, I also find myself asking God, “How can I ease this person pain?”

Today’s morning devotion reminded me that it is through our own losses that we tend to lean more on Jesus. God also reminded me, that He is our God, and therefore, our God of all comfort. I know from my own experience that no matter what happened or who is taken from us, that Jesus can and will comfort us always.

The verse above helped me to know that while our pain is real that God is with us each step of the way. Each of us must understand that every person experiences loss differently and in their own time. However, we can show up and be a comfort to our family and friends. Thus, by bringing comfort others, God in turn will comforts us even more.

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