Gun Safety vs. Gun Violence

Two huge issues these days are gun safety and gun violence. The crime rate has risen greatly in the Portland area and other urban cities. First off, not everyone who owns a firearm is a criminal. Yet, because criminals often use a gun to act out violently, firearms in turn get a bad rap. For example, the entire specialized police force in the Portland area just up and quit this week! Isn’t anyone asking, Why? It is because no one is supporting them. The violence there will only continue to get worse until military force is brought in to correct the wrong behavior on the city streets.

But, what is the actual root cause of the violence in the first place? Is it the lack of not being heard? Or they just want attention? Or is it really social injustice of inequality? Or is it the lack of not being told that this behavior is wrong and not being held accountable for their crimes. Dr. King never used violence as an answer to inequality. He used his words to create positive change as a means for social justice. Defunding the police isn’t the answer either. It’s called to sit down with local leaders of both sides and discuss social issues by seeking an agreeable workable solution.

Let’s face it, if this civic intervention doesn’t happen soon, more innocent people will end up in the cross hairs of gun and die. Because no one felt the need to discuss a positive solution was actually worth it. No one can put a price on a person. Yet, innocent children are dying because adults are too busy arguing over nonsense. Society as a whole should be working together to stop the gun violence, so we can live to see a brighter tomorrow. We need to establish better firearm safety rules and require background checks for proper firearm ownership, as it is our right to defend ourselves.

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