Freedom Isn’t Free

Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13

I am trying to understand why we are allowing big media tech companies like Twitter to censor good American citizens. For example from July 4th, Sam Brown, a retired Army Captain, tweeted “Freedom Isn’t Free”. His tweet included a photo of himself in his Army fatigues saluting the American flag. Yet, Twitter has flagged his tweet that it us “potentially sensitive content”.

Sam Brown is a decorated purple star Army veteran and a Republican. He physically gave his own life for our country, as suffered burn injuries from an ied explosion on the Afghanistan battlefield. He wants to continue to give back to his country by running for the United States Senate in Nevada.

Click to read this FoxNews Article

All I can say is, Shame on Twitter! This former American soldier deserves the right to say what he wants. When is society going to wake up and stop letting the media giants from treading on our 1st Amendment rights!

Freedom Isn’t Free, as war comes with the costs of our soldier’s sacrifice their lives while serving our great nation. We get to enjoy this freedom because they gave their time to serve and protect us. Instead of flagging his tweets, Twitter should thanking him. Who agrees?

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