God’s Final Invitation

Today’s Sunday Service was from the last book of the Bible, which is Revelation where John the Apostle describes the rapture of the church. The end times are real and coming soon. God’s Word is true, as we know the history of what has happened has already has come true. For example, Israel came back and is now a nation. We have the technology to put chips in people. We have the truth that God will return. Yet, many are still lost.

In Chapter 22, God gives us an invitation and a warning. We can either accept Jesus or deny him. Verse 13 God is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. There is no one greater, than God. If we want to dwell with Him, then we must follow Jesus, His son, the messiah, our Lord and Savior. Only through acceptance will we be with God. We were made to serve God daily and to shine for Jesus.

God is pure and the river of life. For whoever drinks from God will last forever. If we believe, then we can have life forevermore. The Bible is the basic instructions before leaving earth. We need to be ready for God’s return. We must not doubt God or His Holy Word. There is no other book like it. Jesus is coming! What will it take for you to believe?

Are you living for Jesus? Are you sharing Christ with others? Are you ready for Jesus to return? I pray that you will choose Jesus, so that God’s grace will be upon you. True life is only found in Jesus!

Calvary Chapel of the Hudson Valley video

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