Peace With God

Today’s church devotion was from Romans 5:1-10. The pastor reminded everyone to vote this week and we prayed for the upcoming elections. He reminded that God is in control no matter the outcome and God wins in the end.

Apostle Paul, the author of the book of Romans, instructs us not to fear God and reminds us that God is the only one can save us. Because of our belief we have salvation and we are justified. We are righteous before God. We are children of the most High God.

God gave us the promise of eternal life. Apart from law, we have God’s grace. This power of God has power to save us. We only need to believe and live by faith. The work God has started in us, He will complete in us. God will strengthen our faith through our belief. For this is the glory of God.

God gave us His son Jesus to save us. Through patience in our experiences, brings hope in Jesus. We need to love Jesus and His values over the world. We need to remain faithful in Christ Jesus. God’s peace is upon us forevermore. We can rejoice knowing we will be with God in heaven.



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