Complete Renewal

Today’s church service was based on Romans 6. The pastor started with verse 14, where God’s word states sin does not rule over us. Yet, God’s grace does, which covers our sins. God’s salvation has the ability to transform anyone if they believe in Christ Jesus.

We are called to live by faith in God. Christ then gives us His grace, which is unmerited. Apostle Paul, reminds us in verse 1 and 2 that we should not continue to live in sin, even though God forgives us. God gives us a new heart and the Holy Spirit dwell in us when accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior. We have free will to say no to sin. We are justified by And before God as soon as we believe. We are in the process of sanctification, meaning God is at work in us. Yes, we are sinners, but we should sin less.

The verse that stood out to me was verse 25, where we are reminded that the wages of sin are death, but through God we have eternal life. we can either be a slave to sin or choose God’s free gift of salvation by living united with Christ. Our old self is rendered as newly transformed to live for Jesus. Nothing can separate you from love of Jesus. You still will struggle because of free will. So we must choose to depend on Jesus daily. What God started in you, He will finish. We need to let go and let God renew us.

Calvary Chapel Hudson Valley





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