The Spirit of GOD

God is for you, Jesus is around you, and the Holy Spirit is in you.

Today’s church sermon was from Romans 8. It starts out by the Apostle Paul telling us that there is no condemnation in God. We are safe and secure in Jesus Christ. Nothing can separate us from the our Lord and Savior.

The chapter before describes the struggle we have with sin even as believers. We don’t always do the right thing. Apart God we can do nothing but with Jesus we can do anything. We need to draw upon the Holy Spirit that dwells within us to live a Christian life.

The Spirit of life is peace because of Gods righteousness. We cannot save ourselves. Nothing can condemn a Christian. Only God can save us. The moment we accept Jesus we are protected by Christ.

God is our comforter and helper. God adopt us as His own. God is for us and is our Heavenly Father. There is no disapproval by God when we are following Him. As a believer, we have eternal life as we belong to Jesus.

Our refuge and strong tower is Christ Jesus. Say no to sin, and Yes to Jesus! Today, become like Jesus by accepting Him as your Lord and Savior. Walk in the Holy Spirit. The power of GOD is within us!

Calvary Chapel – Hudson Valley



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