Be Creative People!

Do all things without grumbling or questioning – Philippians 2:14.

Some people are complaining about social distancing and the closure of work for a two weeks. All the while thousands of people have already perished from this disease, but more will if we don’t heed to some basic rules. Now, it’s our turn people to protect those you love and practice social distancing. I also like to point out that the Bible states that we are not to grumble or question what we being asked to do by God.

We need to understand by having to stay at home in order to stay healthy, that it won’t be forever. We should collectively work together to help those in need. Whether the person is elderly, medical staff working long hours at a hospital or nursing home, or a military soldier helping to hand out food and supplies. Offer to go get their groceries, make them a meal, or order their food online if they can’t or don’t have time. So stop complaining and find ways to be creative people!

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