Dual Authentication

Dual factor authentication is fast becoming the new normal in order to log onto computer networks. Unfortunately, we cannot trust everyone to use computers and the internet for good. Our schools, banks, and companies need to ensure the safety of their computer systems and their data. Therefore, certain security measures must be considered, purchased, and implemented.

Marist College’s new security app called, Duo Mobile, which is capable of preventing data breaches. This authentication software only allows approved users access to the college network by using passcodes. Yesterday, it was really neat to see classrooms installed with new webcams and audio equipment. Marist is definitely taken the necessary steps to ensure students, staff, and teachers have what’s needed to protect against COVID-19.

The Fall 2020 semester starts Monday and it will be an intense and interesting 16 weeks. No one can foresee the future nor see the deadly Covid-19 virus, so I pray no one gets it, including myself. Together, professors and the brave students along with admin and staff will be pushing through our fears because education matters.

Go Red Foxes! 🦊

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