God’s Love

This month I am listening to Calvary Chapel of the Hudson Valley’s YouTube podcasts on marriage. I want to hear what the group leaders have to say about God’s love in regards to relationships.

I found Session 1 quite interesting in that the speakers discussed that before we can love one another we must first love God and obey His commands. If our heart isn’t right with God nothing will fall into place. We can’t give our heart to be another fully if we are not following Jesus. We need to fear God and be in awe of Him. God knows what is best for us.

We are to love God fully, as well as, our neighbors and this includes our spouse. We can’t just do it, we must show it. If we love God, then we follow Him and keep His word. No one is perfect, but we need to work as a team by assisting each other by loving each other. God is within us, so show up and let God shine forth to others. God has given you a helper, the Holy Spirit, so share God’s love with each other to accomplish goals together.

We only need to look to God and put Him first. Let God be your coach in your relationships by growing in your faith and love. Let God help you by praying for God’s help in all of life’s circumstances. Listening to God, as He needs to be first in your life, so you can win over your weaknesses. God is waiting for you, loves you unconditionally, and ready to help you build a good foundation in Jesus. Enjoy life’s adventures with Jesus!

Listen to hear: The real reason for love and respect: CCOHV Marriage Ministry Session 1

Session 1 Handout

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