Media 101 Week 10

This week’s Media class is learning about the history of advertising and how persuasive images are used to convince others to purchase products and services. The actual barter trading system has been in play since the beginning of time. Centuries later, persuasive advertising is still happening. It quickly expanded digitally via the internet and sometimes causes disillusionment due to photoshop in order to earn a profit.

The students discussed how the the ALS ice bucket challenge raised awareness for a cause by making a digital impact. The class is also watching the movie Killing Me Softly 4 by Jean Kilbourne, which is about the dangerous ways advertising sees women. While advertising often represents and effects both genders, but it usually vastly different and sometimes violent.

Ted Talk – The Dangerous ways of how advertising sees women.

Their homework assignment includes reviewing older product ads to learn how products were pushed via ad agencies way back when to the public. Today’s photoshop images are posted and shared on the internet, usually as magazine covers or banner ads. These same creative subliminal messages sometimes show up in movies, as a way to subconsciously brainwash us into thinking that we cannot live without certain things.

Today, advertisers still try their best to get us to spend our hard earned cash on anything in order to keep up with the Jones. However, hopefully due to feedback systems we can be wiser decision makers and learn to respect people more. Key Takeaway: We need to help educate the younger generation and boost their self-esteem, and not let advertisers continue to tear it down.

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