The Tale of Two Cities

This Sunday service was based on Revelation 17 and takes place in the city of Babylon. In the Bible tells us that the entire religious system will fall in the end times. Thus, the reason why we must seek God and learn to only trust Jesus. Those who names are not in the Lamb’s Book of Life shall perish.

In Chapter 17, God reveals that we are to follow and praise God only, because everything will fade away. We need to question our foundation and check to ensure it’s built on the Word of God or sinking sand. God warns us not to marvel at things or people, but Jesus only. The verses that stood out to me are 14 & 17, where we learn that Jesus triumphs over the evil one. these verses also show us as believers we were called by God and chosen to be faithful followers.

We must not make God into our own image nor fall into dissolution. For we are to share the true of the gospel, so all will be saved. In the end times there will be false information, so we mustn’t fall for false religion. God’s Holy Word is the only one that is true. We need to stop trying to live in two different cities, but to live for Jesus only. Hold true to Jesus because only Jesus will satisfy you.

Calvary Chapel of the Hudson Valley video


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